PIXEL has been awarded a Graphite D&AD New Blood Pencil 2018 
This project was created within a group for the D&AD Hasbro competition to create a new board game. Pixel is a pixelated picture game that is split into six categories this includes, Sport, Food, Music, Logo, Celebrities and Film/ TV. Each category has its own individual colour which is shown through the colours in the logo. There are 240 cards and each has a pixelated image on. The aim of the game is to guess the image correctly before the timer runs out. The first person to collect the correct amount of cards wins! There are three levels to the game easy, medium and hard. 
The name of the product was inspired by the concept of the game and within the logo a timer has been used to represent the letter 'x' and has become the icon throughout the game. The packaging design represents the idea behind the pixelated square which folds out into the board game. Inside the packaging holds the cards, timer, dice and instructions explaining how to play the game. The typeface that has been used throughout the design is EuroStile, the reason as to why this has been chosen is due to it being geometric and linking to the pixelated style. A promo video has also been made to show what is inside of the packaging and explaining the rules.
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