Working within a group we were set a brief to create a new futuristic product based on the word 'mouth'. We decided to create a flavour changing tooth accessory, which allows you to taste your cravings at the tap of a screen. We created a brand guide booklet and A3 poster, packaging, how to leaflet, mouthwash, tooth accessory (BYTE), floss, business card, letterhead and a bag to hold it all. 
The name BYTE came from the motion of biting down as well as the technical term taken from 'megabyte'. This led us to create a logo influenced by a circuit board which would be hidden inside our product, making it work and connecting this to our app. The colours we chose were based on the NHS food chart. As highlighted from research conducted, consumers advised they would like to taste sweet treats the most. Therefore, pink became our main colour of focus to represent sweet. 
BYTE is a high market, slick, sophisticated product with a splash of fun.​​​​​​​
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