This was my first typography brief which was called ‘Heaven and Hell Typography’, my project was to represent typography though heaven type. I have created a poster which shows how you can overlay type in a heavenly way simplifying the structure making it clear and comprehensible. Overlaying is, I feel more representative of hell therefore I have proven that this can be done a simple and structured way by adjusting the format of some of the letter forms. I have used two typefaces which are Helvetica and Times New Roman. I have used these as they are a sans serif and serif type therefore I wanted to see the difference in shape between them.
I have also created a manifesto with includes the rules I believe represent the heaven of typography. I have decided to show the grid I have used on the poster as I feel it is important to show the structure I have used.  The reason as to why I have chosen to use a soft pink and purple colour is as they are known to be holy colours and therefore this links back to my work being heavenly. The size of the poster is like a golden rectangle as it is divine in proportion. 

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