For this project I have looked at how people do and do not say hello to each other and what elements stop conversations from happening. I started to think about not only how conversations start but where conversations may or may not take place. We have all probably had an experience where we have been on the train and someone looks at you or says something and you are not sure if you should say anything back or not. Focusing on train journeys I have tried to match conversations and moods with a train journey full of stations with things that make or stop conversations from happening.
I have created a leaflet that is based on the train route that I used everyday and I have eleven stops which I have changed to barriers that stop people from talking. I have a key on the side of the map where the audience can see if they are team 'hello' or team 'hello no'. This is a hashtag as therefore this could go viral as people can post which team there are or post about the leaflets they have been given. I have also created tickets in which the wording has been slightly changed to make the ticket based on a conversation. In addition I have also created wrist bands that people could wear just to make the campaign more noticeable if people are wearing them and also a small poster inside the leaflet. 

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