For this brief I have produced a 3D piece of work based on the book Moby Dick however I have focused my work on the gold doubloon which is the gold coin from the story. I started off by researching into the coin itself and looking at the story or meaning behind the coin. The coin was an incentive and motivation to the crew as whoever had sight on the whale Moby Dick they would receive the coin as an award. My target audience is aimed at coin collectors.
I found that coins are packed in transparent materials which lead to my reasoning to using acrylic for my final material for packaging. I have also created my own coin which has been made out of acrylic, I have engraved a ‘GD’ logo onto the front which represents the name of the coin and then on the back and illustration of the whale. In the packaging I have included the nail as in the story the captain nails the coin onto the decking. I went onto creating outer packaging with the use of screen printing the graphics onto the net and using gold paint. The design on the front gives the audience an idea what will be inside as it has the same layout as what is on the acrylic. I created a certificate which explains about the coin and the meaning behind it. 
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