This is a project for the Penguin Non-Fiction book cover brief and this year it was recreate the cover of the classical book "A Brief History Of Time" by Stephen Hawking. After looking into previous covers for the book I decided I wanted to create something modern similar to my style of work. After reading the book this led me to focus the design on the solar system with this being the main focus point for the book cover. The front cover displays the solar system in an infographic style, using simple shape and colour. The layout has been created using relevant sizing of each planet, the moons that belong to particular planet, dwarf planets and includes the Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt. The lines represent the orbit in which each planet circulates around the Sun. A dust jacket has also been created which focuses on galaxies using a variety of circles to represent planets. The design concept is based on the ideology that the further you read into the book the deeper you fall into space and ultimately reaching the solar system represented on the front cover of the book.
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